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Public Speaker, Actress, Writer, and Founder of Get Lit-Words IGNite

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Diane Luby Lane is the founder and executive director of Get Lit–Words Ignite, a Los Angeles-based arts education nonprofit that is transforming the landscape of teen literacy by empowering new generations in literature, self-expression, and performing arts.

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Speaking Engagements

As an advocate of literacy and education, Diane Luby Lane is a highly sought after speaker. Known for her wit, inspirational message and, most importantly, her track record of getting results, she has been the featured speaker at numerous educational gatherings throughout the state.

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Get Lit is one of the most enlightened educational programs in America—enlightened in that it speaks not only to the minds of our students, but also to their hearts and souls. It awakens within them their own innate brilliance by inspiring them with the brilliance of our greatest poets. Diane Lane is an American hero for creating this.

Marianne Williamson, Author & Activist

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